WELCOME TO PARKWAY ELECTRIC—Where Powerful Ideas are Created

With an unsurpassed depth of experience in our field, we combine Power, Communications, and Controls for a higher level of efficiency in the construction process. Our GCs have come to depend on our knowledge and work ethic as we are committed to fostering long-term relationships with our clients.


Why choose Parkway?
Here are seven powerful reasons:

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1. Award-Winning Portfolio:
How can you tell if you’re looking at a company that does excellent work? It’s as simple as ABC. We’ve consistently won Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) awards for our work, proving that we can get the job done better than anyone else. See our award-winning portfolio here.

2. Experience:
No one can compete with us when it comes to depth of experience. The sheer number of A-players on our team means you’ll have access to the unmatched collective knowledge of the most experienced people in the field.

3. Stability:
In uncertain times, you need to know that your contractor will still be around at the end of the project. Parkway has stood strong since 1945, and with the support of the Huizenga Group, we’re more than confident we can deliver.

4. Creative Solutions:
Our flexible and unique approach to design cuts costs for clients and fixes their problems in creative ways. Our team thinks outside of the box, collaborating to dream up the best design for your project and implement it beautifully.

5. Comprehensive Services:
Why would you go to separate contractors for your power, communications, and controls needs when you can have one contractor that handles them all? Providing comprehensive services means reduced costs, smoother communication, improved quality and consistency, and better project flexibility.

6. Our Green Designs:
Parkway is committed to producing environmentally friendly projects—just look at the Herman Miller Green House or the Haworth Global Corporate Center. Need LEED? We can help you get a silver or gold certification. We’re experienced professionals at caring for the environment.

7. Job Safety:
We’re committed to training our staff in safety practices—in fact, it’s the first thing they do on the job. Our highly-qualified Safety Director, regular and unscheduled safety inspections, and comprehensive safety guidelines ensure that everyone involved with your project will be held to the highest standards.


Take a look at our Award-Winning projects.

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We excel at producing environmentally-friendly projects—the Haworth Global Corporate Center and the Herman Miller Green House are two of many examples. Creation care is as important to us as it is to you, and we have the experience we need to get your project a LEED silver or gold certification.


Click here to view our Award-Winning Portfolio