JCI Battery Testing Facility

Job Type: Power, Communications

Client Type:  Commercial

The Johnson Controls Incorporated (JCI) Holland Battery Testing Facility is one of only a few facilities of its kind in the world. At this facility, JCI conducts destructive and non-destructive testing on both lead acid and Lithium Ion batteries. The non-descript exterior belies the important and exciting work that takes place inside. The results of this extensive testing allows JCI to produce even better products as they move forward in innovation. Parkway was honored to collaborate with JCI to support them in the design and building of this facility.

Almost two years went into the construction of this facility, which began with a concept sketched on a legal pad and culminated in the impressive finished project. Adjustments and improvements in the design were made along the way as more information came into play.

The facility features a 3,000-amp 480/277volt service entrance, as well as 120/240volt, 120/208volt, and other proprietary voltages required for power, lighting and testing purposes. In total there are six different voltages derived from the main service to meet the various needs of the testing equipment.

Additional elements of the project include speciality lighting, energy management, state-of-the-art cameras for equipment monitoring, and electrical controls for the proprietary test chambers.

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