Job Type: Audio/Visual

Client Type: Commercial

The award for the most ambitious sports bar in Grand Rapids goes to Peppino’s. Besides lining their walls with an unheard of 43 large HD LCD monitors, they wanted to project games on a seven foot wide screen in brilliant color. Peppino’s also wanted to let their customers watch the game of their choice right in their own booth. Tall order.

Our solution features 13 standard and digital HD receivers that feed the 43 monitors. Each monitor is controlled by a single, portable, small and easy-to-use interface. The interface lets Peppino’s staff quickly set each monitor to display the signal from one of thirteen different signals. You might have been to a bar that has a few games going at once. But you’ve never seen anything like this.

For Peppino’s, an impressive show of media power was essential. So was ease of use. But so were aesthetics. And because everything is exposed— there is no drop ceiling to hide cabling—Peppino’s benefited from the premium Parkway puts on very clean jobs. Truthfully, there are so many TV’s in Peppino’s, we’re not sure anyone will ever notice the attention to detail we gave to this install, but if they do, they’ll see the kind of work our skilled, experienced professionals are known for.


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