Calvary Church

Job Type:  Communications

Client Type:  House of Worship

Where do you put the video screen so everyone can see it? From the beginning, none of the solutions proved satisfactory and workaround solutions considered along the way created new problems. If you look at the “before” picture, you’ll notice the screen would be blocked by anyone (usually the pastor) standing in front of it.

Calvary needed a permanent screen, front and center—high enough to be above the heads of people on stage and easily visible from everywhere, including the balcony. This meant major structural changes to accommodate not only the screen, but the rear-projection screen and mirror assembly that was necessary.

The large 6.5’H x 12’W first reflectivity glass mirror assembly was worked into its new home; a challenging procedure with an ever-present threat of breakage. Once placed, a process of precision calibration was the final step in delivering this media solution.

This job required, among other things, significant coordination between the general contractor and our team. In the end, careful planning and a little creativity gave us the best possible solution.

Recent Work

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