Cherry Street Health

Job Type:  Communication

Client Type:  Health Care

Cherry Street Health Services needed extension dialing that would link multiple locations to a single IP phone hub. The challenge was that their existing phone provider had installed a system which had never worked. After struggling for a year, Cherry Street called on Parkway to provide a comprehensive fix, to build the fix in multiple phases, and to initially use existing data connections for voice transfer. In other words, they needed a large-scale fix and they needed the project to be non-disruptive.

Cherry Street Health Services has 120 phones in their Cherry Street location alone. The plan they wanted to implement was a complicated phone tree in itself, but there was more to it then that. The system needed to be designed for flexibility. Adding a new phone needed to be a simple matter of plugging a phone into a data port.

The result was multi-site connectivity with administration from a central location, extension dialing between six of the eight locations involved in the project, and a successful, smooth transfer from the old to a new, fully functional award winning system.

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