Christ Memorial Church

Job Type: Audio/Visual

Client Type: House of Worship

Biggest challenge in this job? The economy. Imagine that. This is how Christ Memorial’s Fine Arts Director, Gary Matthews, described a job executed in a tough economy:

“Because of the [bad economy], we had to re-approach Parkway and ask for a scaled-back version of what we could do based on our budget.”

Once we learned they wouldn’t be able to raise the amount needed, we asked “how can we still give our client what they want and need for significantly less money?” The thought was to create a band-aid solution that would allow the project to move forward—the client still wanted an improved system in place in time for a very important concert. The idea for a solution grew around a support speaker called the 115XT HQ (originally slated to be stage monitors). Although this speaker gave up some smoothness in high frequency coverage to the far seating areas, it provided great sound appropriate for the space. It was a band-aid: a temporary solution that gave Christ Memorial time for fundraising to continue the project, albeit at a slower pace.

After an extended listening time with the system. Mathews said, “I believe that we have just installed a gold-plated band-aid.”

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