Cornerstone University Chapel

Job Type:  Audio/Visual, Communications

Client Type:  House of Worship

Parkway was commissioned to install a full sound and AV system in the beautiful new Christ Chapel on the campus of Cornerstone University. This chapel is built ‘in the round’, which makes for a unique experience as an audience member, but also presents some significant challenges. Most notably, the chapel has four enormous, ornate stained glass windows that were imported from Sweden and installed in the space over many months by the artist. It was very important to assure that any audience member, in any seat, was able to view these windows with the least amount of visual interruption as possible.

In order to determine the proper place to hang the suspended speaker system, as well as to ensure an excellent sounding room, Parkway created temporary speakers, true to size, out of cardboard boxes, and hung them where they would be ideally located for sound quality and sightlines. After visually assessing their placement and making sure the artist, the audience and the client were satisfied, the installation process began. The sheer height of the room and pitch of the roof made for a precarious and time-consuming process, but eventually the L-Acoustics speakers were successfully installed. In addition to the speaker system, Parkway installed an Avid mixing board, microphones, and 4 large Barco video projectors.

Recent Work

Inside of Cornerstone University's Chapel Audio Visual Control Board Cornerstone University's Chapel Cornerstone University Chapel House of Worship