Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Job Type:  Communications

Client Type:  Public Works

Parkway has enjoyed and long and successful relationship with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.  In 2000, the airport completed a $50 million major renovation of the passenger terminal, which included the installation of a computer controlled announcement management and flight information system.  Parkway installed more than 1,100 loudspeakers, 30 amplifier channels, 20 miles of cabling, and visual displays in the passenger terminals.

In 2008, Hearing Loop Systems (a division of Parkway) added inductive loop technology to the gates and concourses, making it the first airport in the country to provide hearing assistance.  2009 saw the completion of the new terminal and parking structure, and a complete Parkway upgrade to the aging computer controlled audio system.  Hearing Loop Systems was called in again in 2011 to install loop technology in the Grand Hall Lobby.

The airport has looked to Parkway for over 30 years to provide the latest in technology, support and service.  We consider it a privilege to call them our customer.

Recent Work

Aerial view of Gerald R. Ford International Airport Gerald R. Ford International Airport Communications Equipment Gerald R. Ford International Airport baggage claim