Graves Hall / Hope College

Job Type: Power
Client Type: Education

Project Summary:
Hope called Parkway to help bring Graves Hall, a Hope College and community landmark, into the twenty-first century. The job included replacing all of the existing knob and tube wiring of the late 1800’s, installing electric shades, a drop down A/V screen, extensive lighting dimming systems, and finally, putting the right light on Hope’s irreplaceable collection of paintings: large oils of Hope’s previous school Presidents.

Key Challenges:
The first task, replacing the wiring, included two challenges: we had to penetrate three-foot thick limestone, brick, and concrete walls covered in 2-inch thick bamboo reinforced plaster for new conduit runs for feeder and branch circuits. And we had to do it without interrupting Hope’s phone service. With the exception of a scheduled ten minute power outage, the phone system functioned without interruption throughout the project.
The other improvements included a request we get a lot: respect the aesthetic environment. We did. And even though drop down A/V screens were rare in the 1800’s, we did a nice job making ours feel comfortable in this classic hall. Finally, we lit the presidential paintings with specialized luminaries, designed with adjustable shutters and mounted inconspicuously above a cloud ceiling. Net effect? A grand history in a very flattering light.

ABC Award Winner

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