Harvest Bible Chapel

Job Type: Audio/Visual, Communications

Client Type: House of Worship

The key to this job was coupling a limited budget with a custom system that delivered on multiple levels. The system had to match Harvest Bible Fellowship’s standard for excellence, it had to allow performers the freedom to control their personal mix, it had to be state-of-the-art, and it had to allow for the seamless control of a performance whether the performance was a choir, praise band, drama, or a speaker.

Our solution included full range sound and large format video projection. It also included multiple video monitors, front-of-house speaker clusters, ear monitors for musicians, and systems that allow each musician to control his or her own mix.

At the heart of the system is a digital mixing console, fed by a digital snake. The snake is a CAT5 cable that runs from the mixing board to the stage inputs. Using the snake let us reduce a significant amount of cabling, it simplified installation, and prepared the client for future expansion.

Recent Work

Harvest Bible Chapel Performance Stage Harvest Bible Chapel power box Harvest Bible Chapel AV system