Job Type:  Communications, Power

Client Type:  Commercial

The most interesting part of this job isn’t what we did, it’s what Haworth is doing. Over the past several years, raised floor solutions have redefined the idea of space flexibility. Haworth takes raised floor solutions to another level with zone boxes that allow a new degree of flexibility and range, without compromising the 90 meter maximum cable runs needed to support CAT6A installations.

The largest implementation of this system in West Michigan is in Haworth’s own corporate center. With 375 zone boxes and 3,000 data drops supported by 13 strategically placed data closets, Haworth has the flexibility to reconfigure their entire workspace at will. With an impressive 10 gig fiber optic backbone, Haworth can run all its low voltage systems on the network. In the end, Haworth’s system allows for improved workspace flexibility and an increase in speed and productivity due to a 10 gig punch delivered all the way to each workstation, thanks to CAT6A cabling. This is a great example of a powerful idea.

Recent Work

Haworth Power Cords See-Through Raised Floor Haworth electric box Haworth power cords close up