J.W. Marriott

Job Type: Communications, Power

Client Type: Commercial

The J.W. Marriott has some of the most stunning architectural elements in West Michigan. Their design is bold and thoughtful, and high quality design defined the entire project. Our job was fairly straightforward: We needed to install an audio system built for easy control and flexible input options. The idea was to be wired for sound, but not necessarily “hard-wired” for sound.

This project had one challenge that we didn’t anticipate. As we worked to stay on schedule, the scope changed. We needed to add a t-coil loop system. The t-coil loop system would allow those who use hearing aids to dial into a room’s audio system directly so the sound signal will broadcast directly into their hearing aid. The problem was, the floors had already been poured.

The trick came from the fact that a loop puts out a very weak, non- disruptive signal. In fact, in the ballroom, which is the largest freestanding ballroom in West Michigan, the ceilings were too high for our multiple digital processors’ signals to reach. The floor was poured and carpeted and the ceiling wasn’t a workable solution. We went back to the floor. Carpet came up, wires went down. West Michigan is the most “looped” region of all the United States. We are very proud to be a part of maintaining this distinction.

Recent Work

JW Marriott Hotel multi level view JW Marriott electrical system JW Marriott light fixtures