Job Type: Power

Client Type: Performing Arts

Kawasaki contracted Parkway, through Rockford Construction, to rehab their existing design and testing facility. Following the remodeling of the offices and building 20 test chambers for the engineering department, this impressive facility is now used to test engines for performance, endurance, rain, climate and chassis power output.

During the remodel, Kawasaki’s engineers continued to work in a temporary location on site and Parkway had to assure that the changeover of power to a new 1,500-amp service went smoothly, and that no area was without power or phone service for more than a short and scheduled period of time.

Parkway was pleased to work with Rockford Construction on this extensive project and benefitted from their expert project management. Rockford managed the building of 19 test cells, and Parkway supplied unique power needs to each one.

Parkway and Rockford were pleased to work together to manage the project scope and assure that last-minute changes and adjustments were  implemented accurately.

Due to the hard work and professionalism of the combined team effort, Kawasaki now has an impressive and state-of-the-art facility to design and test amazing new products.

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