Leprino Foods

Job Type:  Communications, Power

Client Type:  Commercial

When Leprino Foods decided to go for a larger chunk of the cheese market, they began a building project that would result in additional space and a significant addition of power and control wiring for equipment and conveying systems.

The scale of the project was impressive. The Motor Control Centers filled two electrical rooms; totaling nearly 9000 square feet with buckets for well over 500 motors. Twenty five hundred feet of cable tray was installed in the interstitial space to route the power and control cables to their respective motors. Adding to the complexity of the project, the stainless steel conduit system and other requirements needed to comply with FDA and GMP standards. Not a problem.

Careful planning was key to this project. To deal with the fact that conveyors would crisscross the entire 35’ of floor to ceiling space in the processing facility, we staggered our light installations with Leprino’s conveyor installations. To coordinate, we worked closely with Leprino’s team of installers.

In the end, Leprino Foods is another client to whom we’re grateful. This was an engaging and interesting project.

Recent Work

Power and Communications conduit of Leprino Foods Power and Communications room of Leprino Foods Power and Communications conduit of Leprino Foods