Michigan Turkey

Job Type:  Communications

Client Type:  Commercial

A safe staff. A protected, sanitary product. These were the goals that brought Michigan Turkey to Parkway.

For Michigan Turkey, security and “denying any chance of contamination” has a lot to do with access control. It’s why we incorporated advanced systems that automatically lock doors and inform Michigan Turkey of any doors left ajar. It’s why an advanced card reader system keeps track of where team members have been, and denies access to any “finished product” areas once a team member has been exposed to an area where “raw” product is processed.

Added to the kind of security that ensures product safety, we also enhanced overall facility safety by installing a multi-cam security system and external card access controls.

To protect the staff, we installed systems with advanced features and notifications. These include: Shelter in place, Emergency Evacuation notifications, tone notification, Bi-lingual notification, Fire Alarm notification and Ammonia leak notification.

Recent Work

Michigan Turkey Producers alarm pulls Michigan Turkey Producers Security board Michigan Turkey Producers security camera