Municipal Pump and Lift Stations

Job Type: Power

Client Type: Public Works

Parkway is proud to be known as one of the only companies in the state of Michigan that is specialized in doing electrical work for municipal pump and lift stations. Not only is Parkway unique in providing service for this niche market, it has a team of people who are all highly trained in this particular field.

Lift stations present several unique challenges to any utility looking to provide repairs. Small workspaces that are often 25-40 feet below ground provide maneuverability issues to the repair person. In addition, most electrical conduit surrounding a lift station is built into concrete, and accessing the wiring to make repairs can be challenging and tedious. The job is high pressure, especially since a non-working lift station can result in expensive and frustrating problems for hundreds of water and sewer customers.

Parkway’s team utilizes specialty training and equipment to get the job done. They provide maintenance and programming repairs for complex Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, which ensure that leaks and other failure issues are properly identified and contained. In addition to wiring and SCADA repairs, Parkway also provides installation support for radio communications and remote monitoring equipment.

When municipal utility repairs are a necessity, Parkway’s got the team that can get your system back up and running quickly and expertly.

Recent Work

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