St. Cecilia

Job Type: Audio/Visual

Client Type: Performing Arts

St. Cecilia is a Grand Rapids-based music society established in 1883 to promote the performing arts. The St. Cecilia Music Society building is a historical venue, and they asked Parkway to help them install a state-of-the-art sound system while preserving the historical look and integrity of the building.

Parkway provided new L-Acoustics speakers and amplifiers, as well as an updated sound mixer. In addition, Parkway was able to take advantage of L-Acoustics custom color matching system allowing the speaker clusters blend into the scenery. The historical elements and detail of the building now shine through. When you attend an event at St. Cecilia, you can enjoy the music without thinking twice about where it’s coming from.

Recent Work

St. Cecilia chandelier St. Cecilia Music Society Performing Arts Plaque St. Cecilia Music Society sound system