Job Type: Audio/Visual, Communications

Client Type: Commercial

Parkway was contracted by Whirlpool to outfit their research and development center rooms with full A/V treatment. Located in a converted washing machine factory, the facility includes several conference rooms, huddle rooms, and individual work stations. Our technicians installed specific solutions for the various room sizes. These included video projection systems, wireless presentation microphones and video conferencing systems for international or remote meetings. Parkway also provided structured data and network cabling for individual workstations.

One of the challenges in outfitting this space was the ambient noise that existed due to the type of building and the heating/ cooling systems. It was up to Parkway to find equipment that had excellent ambient noise canceling capabilities so that conference calls were clearer and less stressful. The end result was a series of fully capable rooms that allow Whirlpool’s engineers to do what they do best: design amazing products with their teams.

Recent Work

Whirlpool inside of electric box Whirlpool lecturing and meeting space Whirlpool electric board