Wyoming Waste

Job Type:  Communications

Client Type:  Public Works

The job was to improve video surveillance security through the implementation of a new series of housed cameras routed through a centralized DVR (digital video recorder) built to take advantage of new Internet protocols. This new IP security system would turn any computer workstation into security central, where any exterior camera could pan, tilt, and zoom its way to the perfect view.

The key here was to wire the system so that signals could be sent and received for digital display quickly over a very large campus with multiple facilities and camera locations (including one mounted in a blast-proof housing). The solution: fiber optics. Fiber optic cables allow signals to travel at greater quality over longer distances.

An interesting additional challenge was that Wyoming Waste Water facility wanted to transfer their existing access control cards, over 300 of them, to the new system which saved them the hassle a large-scale re-issue of cards. Not a simple task, but doable. With careful planning, the transition was smooth, on time, and the Wyoming Waste Water initiated the new system without a hitch.

The system has already been used to identify a trespasser with unknown motives, alert the police. and have the trespasser removed before there was a chance for a situation to arise.

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